We did like to be beside the seaside.

C3BA6ED3-0028-48EA-86CE-902069F75538We had a few days in sunny Folkestone working hard making a selection from the 86 pieces from MS 18 810 in preparation for next year’s project.

White cliffs – with Dover around the corner in the mist

We had glorious weather for walking Diego on the cliff tops. It was a bit windy on the first day AE85FBA9-01EB-4DA1-9A75-C539CFBF5DB9 but by day two we even managed a dip in the sea next to a few scary looking seals.

Diego, David, Ali, Claire and seal

Choosing the pieces was quite straightforward really but then..

the master plan

do we play on the high consort (treble, tenor, tenor, D bass) ?

or does it sound better on low (tenor, bass, bass, A bass)?

or how about playing up a 4th, or down a 4th and up a tone?

which way sounds best?

So many permutations to choose from and once decided, try remembering to do the same transposition on EVERY note of the piece!

we needed a paddle in the sea to rest our brains
Asako’s permaculture garden

And we ate sumptuously. Highlights were the tasty blackberries growing all over the cliffs and delicious tempura made from courgettes and nasturtium leaves from Asako’s new garden with soba noodles and sauce.

soba noodles
Elizabeth Blackadder would have approved of our table

The new Linarol D bass by Richard Jones is sounding superb in the consort. bc3a1a90-1479-4298-8502-fcf6ff9fda0f.jpegLook how beautiful it is too!E590D195-9D10-4C45-855D-E758A37A66E8

And we met a quartet of trumpet marines on the sea front – is that the first time anyone has written that?!

high consort


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