Where’s the cat?

Richard Jones is working on a new bass viol for David Hatcher which, though based on the original Linarol tenor, has a body size of the Ciciliano bass housed in the Kunst Historische Museum, Vienna (SAM.72). It will therefore have a smaller body than Richard's usual bass viols but with a long string length. Here [...]

Photos with Mr P on a cold February day

It's hard to believe how cold it was on that day in February when Mr Anthony Pearson, aka Dank Spangle  did our first Linarol Consort photoshoot.  Wrapped in coats, scarves, hats and gloves we posed on Worcester Racecourse. Mr P dared us not to move for his signature stereographic shots by his favourite tree. For more [...]

Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I (Vienna Ms. 18 810)

David's edition of the 86 piece manuscript of consort music by leading 16th century composers such as Senfl, Isaac, Josquin and Pierre de la Rue has recently been published. It is available from Jacks, Pipes and Hammers (contact, tel.01422 882751) or directly from David via The edition's publication coincided with the Linarol Consort's two [...]