Recording news

We’ve been busy at Linarol Consort HQ in preparation for the recording of our first CD – La La Hö Hö – named after a jolly piece by Isaac which will feature on the disk. We’ll be recording about 30 superb instrumental pieces from Ms 18-810 in February at Treowen House in Monmouthshire, with the help of award-winning sound engineer and producer Adrian Hunter.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 18.00.41
Treowen House

If you’d like to here more information about the project, and future activities of the consort, please click here to join our mailing list. page 12 copy

The music will be mostly 4 part gems by distinguished composers of the 16th century including Alamire, Isaac, de la Rue, Hofhaymer, Josquin – and Ms Anon, the author of the fabulous Plus Oultre Pretens for 4 bass instruments – one of our favourites. We’ll be recording on the whole range of Richard Jones’s sonorous Linarol renaissance viols –  so that pieces played on the ‘high consort’, with the C treble on the top line, will complement those played on the ‘low consort’, with the great A bass on the bottom.

Asako getting to grips with the A bass!

Due to the generosity of Angel Early Music  we have most of the funding in place for the recording. But making recordings is an expensive business! So if you are looking for a Christmas present for that ‘somebody who loves early music and has everything’ (or just treating yourself) how about buying the disk in advance? We are also offering sponsorship packages – please have a look at the buy the disk in advance page on our website.

This wonderful music should become more widely known and together we can make this happen! Thank you very much for reading all about the project.

Here’s a video of us playing Tanndernac by Alamire made by Michael Hamilton of Real Music Videos


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