Buy the disc in advance

Recording CDs is an expensive process, and we need to get the funding together to be able to go ahead. Some of this is already guaranteed, but YOU CAN HELP! The easiest way to do this is by buying the CD in advance, so that we can go ahead and make the recording, and you will be the first to receive your copy as soon as they are ready – even before the official release date!

The cost of the advance purchase is £15, and there is a £2 postage charge.

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Become A Sponsor!

We are looking for a number of people to become sponsors for this project. It’s about time this beautiful music became more widely known, and you can help to make it happen!

Sponsors contribute £500 to the project.

  • Your name will be listed in the CD booklet as a sponsor
  • You and a guest will receive two complimentary tickets to the launch concert
  • You will receive a signed copy of the CD as soon as it is ready
  • And you can even sit in on some of the recording sessions

Pay with PayPal