Where’s the cat?

Richard Jones is working on a new bass viol for David Hatcher which, though based on the original Linarol tenor, has a body size of the Ciciliano bass housed in the Kunst Historische Museum, Vienna (SAM.72). It will therefore have a smaller body than Richard’s usual bass viols but with a long string length.

Here are some fascinating photos of the instrument’s production. 092 neck


Ben, the apprentice, at work on the scroll


Richard, the master luthier, with his chisel





The cat thinks she has found a comfortable new home
Oh no! Who has seen the cat?
found it
Found her!

We are very much looking forward to playing Richard’s new instrument in the consort very soon, but it won’t be finished in time for next week’s concert at St Catharine’s College Cambridge on Friday 16th November at 6pm. We hope to see you there!

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