Filming Ancor che col partire

At the end of our busy day posing with Mr P we went to RGS Worcester where Michael Hamilton captured us playing Cipriano de Rore’s classic madrigal, Ancor che col partire.

Michael Hamilton and the Linarol Consort taken by Anthony Pearson

Mr P came with us and took a selection of action shots.

Asako Morikawa, Linarol ConsortDavid Hatcher, Linarol ConsortClaire Horáček, Linarol ConsortAlison Kinder, Linarol Consort

Please have a look at the video either on Mike’s Vimeo page or on YouTube

Linarol Consort


Many thanks to Mike for the great video and to Mr P for the wonderful photos!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 15.16.52
What an exhausting day!

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